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CO2 Neutral Easylight


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I got these a couple of weeks ago £2.49 each and 72 per box. I brought them as I use the briquettes and find them really good, and did a review of them a few months ago. 


Though I love the briquettes, I’m lukewarm with these. I didn’t realise they are basically a little packet of some sort of oil/wax when I brought them but shouldn’t complain until I tried them. 


Im not sure how others light their charcoal but I use a chimney that I have set up on the bbq, and the problem I have with these is that after a minute or so of being lit they fall through the grates as they are basically a liquid 🙄. After a couple of failed try’s I realised that an easy was around this problem is to get some foil and put the sachets on them then the chimney over that. I used 3 of the packets and they worked a treat. 


Would I recommend them? Probably not. I’ve used serval other brands and found them a lot easier, but the thing these have on their side is the price. I’ve not seen many other lighters as cheap as these. 

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Nice write up Simon, haven't tried these, but recently switched to those little balls of wood to light my charcoal, they work well in the basket with the regular shaped ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes, may have to use an upside down chimney starter for regular briquettes or lumpwood. But I am a convert to them for the price.

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