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First Cook


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Since it's looking like Sunday is going to be dry, so I'm planning what to do for my first cook.


What would you recommend as a starting point for a complete beginner?  All I've done to date has been a few mangy burgers and some sausages - and even that was a good few years ago.

At my disposal, I have a Landmann Kentucky Smoker, and a Broil King gas bbq.

My partner is a vegetarian (well, almost  - she still eats fish/seafood), so I need to figure out something fishy for her, and then something a bit more animally (is that a word?) for me.


I was considering doing a rack of baby back ribs for myself, and some salmon & prawns for the missus.  Does this seem a bit ambitious for a first go?

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I normally cook salmon around 130F at a lower temperature on my smoker than I would ribs 225F

Charbroil here say you can cook a piece of salmon at 220F (which would be fine for the ribs also) in 2 hours. So if you wanted to cook for both of you and eat at the same time plan on 6-8 hours for the ribs unless you follow the 3-2-1 method for the ribs or similar and put the salmon in 2 hours before your ribs are ready.

Just keep in mind the internal cooked temp they say 150 (I prefer 155F) for the salmon  and 195F for the ribs to know they are cooked if you have a temp probe?

If doing big prawns with shells on I would put a marinade on them and be tempted to cook them dirty for a minute or 2 on the coals but I use the precooked ones rather than raw for this so you are just warming them back up

Both nice pieces to start with imho although always found fish trickier than meat on a smoker (especially whole fish)

Good luck with your cook and let us know how it turns out



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As @sotv says about Salmon (can not advise any further as I do not eat Fish!)

Ribs is a good start, normal method is a 3-2-1 method, but this has to be adapted depending on size and thickness of Ribs.

3= 3 hours on the grill with just your rub

2= 2 hours wrapped, with a liquid like Apple Juice.

1= 1 hour with BBQ Sauce, to help set a bark.

Or a simple Spatchcock Chicken.

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