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Hello from Bristol

Jamie cox

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Hey, been smoking for around two years now. I own a Weber smokey Joey, Weber kettle, Weber deluxe performer and a Weber smokey mountain 57cm. 

I try to bring the most authentic American backyard bbq when I cook. I like to make everything from sauces to rubs. 

Im looking forward to learning some new methods and tricks, one thing I’d like to find out about it is if anybody knows of any bbq festivals. We used to have grillstock here in Bristol but that’s cancelled now. 

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Hi Jamie - welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you're well ahead of me but I've trying to post as much information as I can as I learn what to do/not to do and also recipes along the way so take a look at my profile if you're interested. Would love to see some pics of what you've been up to!

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Hi mate. This is from Saturday, I smoked a brisket. One thing not to do is get drunk too early and not put the water tray on unbalanced. I topped it up about 5 hours in and the whole tray fell onto the briquettes. Managed to save the brisket and it was all good though. 











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