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UDS builds has begun.....

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After picking the drums up in February I have finally got round to making a start on building them. Bought some wheels and a top vent fron Colin Turner for one then just going basic on the other.

Welding lessons next week from a mate to glue the basket and grills together.... got to get the drums burned out at the weekend...



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On 6/14/2019 at 10:04 AM, Justin said:

Interested. Like that you are starting from new approach and learning.  That is a long wait to get started, you have your plans drawn up ?

I work at sea Justin hence the delay. It has taken a while to plan it, changed my mind several times.... do I just buy or build was the main one, went for the build option. Steel sourced and basket is formed just need to weld it, grill racks are formed again got to weld them... mate is giving me some mig lessons on thursday so we should be good for a rib fest on Saturday once they are seasoned.... Friday night when I'm back from sea..

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