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Wayne's Rub Recipe Rolled Lamb Leg or WRRRLL


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So I've made up a quantity of Wayne's recipe rub from the marinade and rub thread, and stuck it all over a leg ready for a Saturday bbq using my new coconut briquettes. Gotta say, I'm not surprised it has had good feedback, the rub smells lovely. Gonna serve with some pitta, homemade hummus, a mint and yoghurt labneh, and some fruity cous cous.

I've only got mesquite chips, thoughts? I'm thinking next to none, let the rub and lamb speak for itself?


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So firstly, cannot recommend that rub enough. Lovely, kick of heat in the background behind some real flavour depth. It was rubbed 36 hours before I started cooking at 1200 Saturday, having taken it out the fridge at 0730. It weighed 2kg, I had the smoker at around 115, and set it 1/3 of the way back from furthest away from the firebox on my offset. 2 hrs in I rubbed a little olive oil over to stop it drying out as there wasn't a lot of fat, and I wrapped it in foil as soon as it hit 40deg to try and keep it at the tenderising temp as long as possible. I flipped it over once before wrapping it as well, but I don't seem to get any problems cooking one side of joints more than the other, not sure why, but not complaining.Β 

I dropped a very small handful of mesquite in as I started cooking, and I presoaked them which I don't normally do. In fact I've never done it before πŸ€”because of what I'd read. I know there's a big debate about it, but I work off results not internet theories, and I'm a presoak convert on my setup. I think soak/not soak is very condition dependent, and with my offset, and the heat of my firebox relative to my cooking chamber temps I think I need to presoak to stop them just all flaming up and oversmoking everything. Anyway, that's a long subject and all I can say is my smokiness level was perfect.

Where are we? We're currently at 40deg and foil wrapped. I closed the damper gradually as the int temp rose, until at 55deg I closed everything completely and just left it it in the shut down BBQ until the very second my IT hit 61. This was at about 1540, and I then removed it and wrapped as in pic, using a good 87 layers of cling film first, then in my wife's oven mitts πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ and a teatowel. It briefly hit 62, and then slowly dropped to 48 by 1830, when I stuck it in the oven to rewarm to 60 for serving at 1930. It's worth mentioning that the juices/fat that were in the foil when I took a peek (nibble 😈) had pretty much all been reabsorbed as it relaxed when I eventually unwrapped to serve.

Everyone loved it, rave reviews. I never got a pic of it presliced as I forgot, sorry. But thanks to Wayne, for the rub recipe, thanks everyone for posting all your experiences so I could cobble mine together, and hope this helps the next poor chap who's only ever cooked lamb on the Barbie once properly, by accident, 10 years ago. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚




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