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Thought I would try cooking my normal paella outdoors for the first time today, using my ProQ and the afterburner on the chimney starter

Ingredients (enough for 2-3 people) increase accordingly if for more people

Olive oil

3 Boneless and Skinless Chicken Thighs

100g Pancetta Cubes

1 Diced Red Pepper

175g Paella Rice

650ml Liquid Chicken Stock you can buy in the supermarket (not the cubed type) mixed with Pinch of Saffron and & tbsp of Paellero Valenciana Paella Seasoning

8 Argentinian Red Shrimp

250g Mussels

Handful of frozen Peas



Fried the whole chicken thighs in the oil in the pan over the coals in Proq ( I would normally cut them into pieces indoors, but wanted to sear them outdoors, so left them whole and cut them up after searing).  Cooked for about 8-10 minutes on their own and then added the pancetta gave it another 10 minutes and added the red peppers for another 3-4 minutes

After this added the rice stirred it round to soak up the fat and oil before removing the chicken and adding the stock  which had been bought to the boil on the chimney/afterburner and poured into the pan with the contents. .Seared the thighs quickly on the afterburner and cut them up and added them back to the pan. No stirring once the stock has been added, just put the lid on the ProQ and left it for 25-30 minutes, till the liquid had almost dissolved



Then add the 30 second seared red shrimp (already pre-cooked) If they had been raw would have added them 5-6 minutes before end then seared then, (rather than the less than 2 minutes I used on the precooked ones) before the rice was cooked  along with the peas. If rice is soft it is cooked, if undercooked it will still be hard and will be noticeable. If the rice isn't soft, I would normally add a little more hot water till it was.


If I was cooking for guests I would have  added calamari, but both me and my wife don't like it, so didn't bother.

I have cooked this with diced pork and even rabbit, indoors and they both work just as well as chicken.

I winged this, as had no idea of timings and if it would actually work or if it would be hot enough to do, I will refine it over time but as a starting point, very pleased with the finished result and will be doing again


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6 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Would do this but leave the Seafood out, as me and Seafood do not get on! Would have to add it later to the wife’s :wife: portion as she loves it.

All the seafood, was frozen and precooked, so only needed a quick warm through, once defrosted, you can sear the prawns afterburner method put them on a seperate plate and just put a few mussels in the other half of the pan when you put on the table and they will warm through. It is still cooking on the table for at least 10 minutes.

I may well invest in a cast iron paella pan as that will retain the heat better and not sure how much my pan I use on the oven will last over charcoal.

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10 hours ago, Justin said:

I fave a large paella fan that just fits my weber kettle. I got in on a holiday in Ibiza. It is ace. Maybe I could do that at One of the tailgates

Don't see why it wouldn't work in a kettle. Maybe a bit more liquid will be needed and might need a bit more monitoring as it being closer to the coals?

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Whatever works for you, I find adding all at once and letting it cook out, leaves a nice soft rice. i mostly cook it for 2 so easier to judge quantity of liquid to use. I find it a bit more difficult to judge liquid when cooking for a larger amount. But it still works for me adding a bit more liquid if needed.

I warm the stock up in a seperate saucepan first and adding a pinch of saffron and between 1/2 & 1 tbsp of this paella seasoning Valencia Carmencito Paella Seasoning  to it and then p[ouring it over the paella after the rice has been stirred in. It adds wonderful flavour to the finished paella, thoroughly recommend. Bigger quantities are available of it. But not to a higher price to take a punt to see if you like it first? it also contains saffron, so less needed of the real stuff.

Also used Argentinian Red Shrimp for the first time on this. Wow much better than king prawns so meaty and flavoursome. Got them from Lidl, but one of there infrequent offerings. So will stock up on them next time they sell them,

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