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Roasted pork loin and apple in cider and fennel sage gravy


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1 hour ago, Simon said:

That looks great. How do you make your potatoes? I often get mine to crisp up by part-boiling and then putting some olive oil over them before roasting for 45min. 

Where did you cook the Pork?

Re potatoes Did exactly that ! After par boiling I put olive oil on them in the drained pan . Then veg oil heated up on the oven tray . Then put them in tray with some sage if poring. And thyme if beef  But I used red Desiree. They are waxy and break down better ensuring fluffiness and  crispy.

I won’t use Maris pipers now . The taste of them was earthy and lovely . All cooked in the oven as braised underneath in cider and wild garlic . Next time I might smoke in apple wood then either oven .or continue on barrel 

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Looks great and a nice piece of crackling,

My personal preference is Albert Rooster potatoes (similar to desiree) Started roasting mine in my Breville Air Fryer and they produce fabulous roast potatoes with only 1 or 2 tbsp of vegetable oil depending on quantity being cooked. It produces a consistently good roast potato. I Par boil them first and rough them up a little by shaking it in the sieve after draining, always end up crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle after 40 minutes in the air fryer and slightly more healthy for me, than done in a roasting tin with oil.

Red potatoes are great for saffron potatoes if you ever fancy trying them with fish? 

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