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Kelftico Lamb dinner Sunday 24th Feb at Justin's House


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Spencer and I are prepping Lamb Kleftico dinner for Sunday 24th Feb at my house, I live in Braintree Essex.  If you want come and enjoy it let me now soonest please so we get enough food planned.

If anyone wants to come up Sat they are welcome too as Spencer and I will be there, doing some bits and piece and chilli out.It is not a tailgate but some of us think we should try and get together  in our localish neighbourhoods.  Simon is joining us on Sunday too, You are welcome I just need to know numbers and contribute on food and drink cost of course. I will do some chicken kebabs on Saturday maybe.  And if more peeps more dishes within reason. Spencer and I are paying for the lamb dish.

Presently there is a spare bedroom in my house if anyone  needs to stay over Sat night.

Fancy it? Maybe you are new to the forum and have not met anyone yet. You will be very welcome too. Let me know soonest please.



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I will also be smoking or slicing and packing some smoked salmon on the Saturday. 

I have some cherry smoked cheese which is resting in my fridge which is 1 week in, those that come may get a bit to take home and completing the resting in their own fridge before enjoying.

Also the cured paprika pork is already being enjoyed by me so welcome to taste that.


Spencer Saturday it is you and I so far, what shall we cook for dinner on Saturday? 

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