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Brisket and Baby backs


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Good afternoon,

I know you guys have probably seem uncountable pictures of briskets and baby backs but would just like to share the cook I did over the weekend.

I smoked the brisket on the Summit over Friday night in time for lunch on Saturday. I used Black Ops’ rub and smoked over Hickory and pear wood. I made the injection from beef stock and some of the rub and put a very small amount of xanthan gum in to increase viscosity slightly.  To be honest the summit performed as would expect and ran at a steady 110 Degrees C. I was quite impressed that it continued at 110 after I had finished cooking for about 22 hours in total off about 8kg of charcoal.

I also pulled the Smokenator out from storage and to be honest it performed very well under cold conditions.

sorry there are no pictures of sliced product, I had a few beers by then and forgot.

I made a side dish of BBQ beans in the fast, slow Pro which took about 12 hours on low setting. It’s a great receipt (Heston Blumenthal) and as soon as I get time I will post in the appropriate section.









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