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  1. Yeh that it buddy say the roll I've got is imitation Kraft pepper 90gsm .and I have some other paper to but I'll trail it what's the worst can happen ..
  2. jay_dyker88

    Butcher paper

    Morning guys and gals so this weekend I've got 5 kilos of beef ribs to cook and 4 kilos of brisket along with sausages etc .. Now I've seen people using butchers paper etc but could I use imitation Kraft paper as I have around 5 metres of it .. It's not waxed either,but it is not fda approved.. I've read on american fourm thatbsome people use the Kraft paper 90gsm ,I just want to no if anyone on here has used it ..
  3. I'd go on to there new site they are doing awesome deals at the moment I've just brought the x2 of the coco shell briquettes deal
  4. How would I get a uds into he truck ???just a question as I've got a design going on at the moment ,just trying to find a company who can bespoke the van for us
  5. Morning bud yeh something similar like long wheelbase transit or merc sprinter long wheelbase...and yeh around 7.5ton be great ..
  6. So after working in a factory for many years I have had enough and it's time to go work for my self ... I have been cooking for a long time and I have got level 1 level 2 ,I have food hygiene certificates as well ..I can go on an on .. Am looking to go in the world of street food but in a truck with smokers .now were i live it's not heard of but people love bbq /smoked food i have done all my research etc ,all i need is some help on were i can get a truck converted with 3 smokers in the truck .i was thinking of doing 3 Bradley smokers or something similar and if i could do a open bbq with coal ...,if anyone could point me in the right direction etc or ideas that would be great ..at the moment am in talks with the council were i can pitch up from Tuesday to Saturday ...i have lots of suppliers as well to ,seems to be going to plan ,like insaid all the help would be great and please no negative comments am just doing what I love and enjoy and what to bring my cooking to your bellys ...
  7. Cheers bro yeah my second attempt and I've smashed it ...not only that its the meat as well you buy cheap meat it's not good ..I always go to my local farm shop and its unreal ...
  8. Yoooo lads thanks for the advise and here the out come ...
  9. Nice on guys Thanks I've took of the top layer of skin not to much removed thou..rubbed back up and it's been on since 4am lol ...nice a low in temp cooking around 210f to 220f .. How would cook the crackling??any ideas
  10. Afternoon guys so just been up to my local farm shop and I picked up a 5kilo pork shoulder with the bone .it has the skin on ect would you say trim it at all ? They have done some trimming on it already ..
  11. Thank you sounds good to me
  12. jay_dyker88

    Beef chuck

    Morning guys so this weekend in an planning to smoke a 3kg of beef chuck I have got ,now would anyone recommend putting the beef in a brine or just leaving it rubbing it up and smoke the baby ??am looking to do a 8 to 10 cook on the offset smoker using hickory and Apple wood.if anyone has any recommendations other then this i am all ears
  13. Hi guys just so you all no am not on Facebook but I am on Instagram feel free to follow me @holysmokes_jays_bbq
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