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  1. Maybe if a group wanted to get together and purchase -items generally get much cheaper then, but keep searching and check it out often, i saw them for around the $300 mark when i looked maybe if you are interested in a demo model ? if you maybe intended selling some in the uk ? (wink wink ) then you might get a great deal on the demo model.
  2. Yep, great news Wade. Cheers and thanks to Abbq this benefits everyone inc the companies as forum members are more likely to be repeat custom rather than weekend bbq punters
  3. i take it there is no news from the advertisers regards discounts ? (which in this case actually means bad news for the members) well i guess we know we don't have to worry about loyalty when we buy elsewhere !
  4. Hi Luke, i have used it a few times now for low and slow, i was new to any kind of kamado before this, i find it excellent-amazing fuel economy (as with all kamados) with the exception of my first cook where i used no drip tray so suffered a flare up :( it is very easy to control temps) it comes with all the essentials even inc a quality water repellent cover, the side tables are bamboo so easy to clean and anti bacterial to some degree the vent slide when your closing it can be accidentally pulled too far across out of the runner if your not careful but if you do it once you wont do it again, its too early to comment on the quality and life expectancy of the steel work-bands and hinges as i only had it for a few month but for the exceptional low price compared to green egg or a Joe if i get 4 or 5 years out of it id instantly and happily buy another. the quality of the ceramic is so far excellent ( i have not had it much above 500 though) and finally your question about size : internal diameter 17.5" with 16" cooking grate, the handles on grate take it to 16.5 ( 45cm and 41 cm) Andy
  5. what about this company who used to manufactur the treager.......anything look familiar (this was a two minute online search) https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Electirc-pellet-smoker-bbq-grill-with_60386470212.html dont believe they hype of outstanding American bbq manufacturers producing leading edge equipment........... for the common names-they are all only resellers (middlemen) you can by anything from 1 piece to as many as you like----buy ten or more even cheaper and sell them here ? if i ever lose my job there will be another branded bbq equipment company in the uk, thats what aldi just did with the kamado at the end of the day
  6. like i've said before-most grills are made in china which means looking hard enough lets you see the mark up thats made (and what wiggle room there is for discounts ) " You are here: Home / BBQ Smokers / Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Makes for a Tailgating Dream DAVY CROCKETT PELLET GRILL MAKES FOR A TAILGATING DREAM By Kevin Sandridge 2SHARES Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Thanks for checking out this Green Mountain Davy Crockett pellet grill review. Fast becoming one of the most well known and respected brands out there – specifically for their top notch customer care – the GMG brand is finding its way into more and more homes in the US, as well as countries as far a field as Australia. Before I go into my review of the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill, allow me to give you some background on Green Mountain Grills. Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Promo Video from Green Mountain Grills The following video produced by the folks at Green Mountain Grills does a really nice job of going over how to Davy Crockett Pellet Grill works and its basic features, including power source options and the built-in Wi-Fi capability. Like I have done with the What Everyone Should Know Before Buying a Pellet Smoker post, I’ve opted to use a corporate video produced by the company itself simply because they do a fine job and I found no inconsistencies between what is reported here and what I’ve found to be true in using the Davy Crockett Pellet Smoker at home myself. Davy Crockett Pellet Grill At Home and on the Professional BBQ Circuit As far as direct competition goes, Green Mountain Grills sees Traeger as their main competition – specifically in the retail market. You’ll see in this post the steps GMG takes to ensure high product quality and customer satisfaction. Just know this, the Davy Crockett pellet grill is making waves on the retail home front as well as the competition circuit. There’s a huge fan base for the Davy Crockett pellet grill on this Facebook group for instance. Additionally, from a competitive standpoint, Pitmaster Sterling Smith of Loot N’ Booty BBQ won 1st place in Chicken at the 2014 American Royal Invitational with a perfect score of 180 cooking on the GMG Davy Crockett Pellet Smoker. Liberty Mountain Thermal Blanket by Liberty Mountain By Liberty Mountain £56.08 Buy Now The Green Mountain Grills Story The GMG Manufacturing Process Jason Baker of GMG and I spent a lot of time talking about the subject of manufacturing Green Mountain Pellet grills from the standpoint of offering value priced pellet smokers while keeping quality and customer service a priority. One key component in keeping retail prices for GMGs low involves having components manufactured in China. From day one, GMGs owner, David Baker, knew that he’d be competing directly against Traeger. The story goes that he and Joe were talking and David told Joe that he’d had a fire in his Traeger pellet grill one night. So, he then went on to tell Joe of an idea he had to put a safety feature on the grill that when the customer was done cooking, the grill would go into “fan mode” to make sure the fire in the burn pot went out at the end of the cook. Joe then told David that he should go ahead and get into manufacturing pellet grills because he (Joe) was nearing a time when he was going to get out of it and the patent on the then Traeger grills at the time was expiring. So, from that point on, David Baker began tinkering with the Traeger he had in his garage and began noting all the things he didn’t like about it. He didn’t like how the lid was too low, so he used a peaked lid. He didn’t like how the Traeger couldn’t hold temp very well, so Dave added two variable speed fans. He then added PID technology, where the controller began taking in information from all of the different devices in the grill and putting this information all on informational loops so they were all talking to each other. So instead of a gram based 70 degrees input kicking in when temperatures needed modification, which is how Traeger was doing it, the PID would use input from all of the other moving parts to modify temp more accurately. Steel wise, Baker knew he wanted to be sure all the steel was properly gauged. So, for instance with the Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie, you’ve got a 14 gauge body with a 13 gauge lid – resulting in a heavier grill than was offered at the time from Traeger. So, in many ways – David Baker was an innovator. But, he also knew that the only way he was going to be able to put these innovations to use in a pellet grill that could compete price wise against Traeger was to use overseas manufacturing. Though being manufactured overseas is a negative for some pellet grill purchasers, the fact is that steel is one of the highest price point components involved in bringing GMGs, or any other pellet smoker, to market. As such, the company has chosen to use Chinese manufacturing coupled with very close quality control monitoring processes as a means of making GMGs affordable for as many people as possible. To this end, Jason travels to the company’s overseas facilities at least once per quarter for about two weeks per trip to make sure end users of the various Green Mountain Grill products remain satisfied and stay on as long term fans. GMG Pellet Grills Produced in a Company Owned Overseas Factory One thing I found interesting in talking with Jason is that Green Mountain Grills has an ownership interest in the Chinese factory they use to manufacture all of their grill parts. Unlike Traeger and other companies who use overseas manufacturing for their pellet smokers, this means GMG doesn’t work on a contract basis with their manufacturers. The GMG factory in China only builds GMG grills, which means there is a lot more oversight capability and a faster modification to marketplace timeline in terms of getting changes to grills implemented and out to end users. In terms of market share, pellet grill sales are about 2 percent of the BBQ market. Traeger has about 50 percent of the pellet grill market with GMG coming in as the second largest pellet grill manufacturer – at between 10 and 12 percent. Clearly, Traeger is the 800 lb. Gorilla on the Pellet Grill block. Estimates for Louisiana Pellet Grills are about half of what GMG is doing, with Rec Tec doing a bit less per year via a direct to consumer sales model. All told, Jason believes that the approximate 250,000 to 300,000 pellet grills that are actually made represent maybe one percent of the 15 million barbecues sold in the US last year. Because pellet smokers represent such a small piece of the overall BBQ sales market, Jason feels that the only way they are going to thrive long term is through overseas manufacture and production. I share these figures with you here to paint a clear picture of where GMG has set its sites. Traeger has a huge leg up on them from a market share standpoint. That said, Green Mountain Grills is intent on growing its piece of the pie. However, in doing so they want to be sure that quality and customer care remain the company’s number one focus.
  7. Not sure if your post is in jest but on other bbq forums there were discounts to be had as advertisers were sometimes members too! they are advertising to a captive (and committed ) audience who may be repeat purchasers ?or promoters of their products to others ?..........so why not a discount ? if not then all they are accomplishing in my book is allowing me to quickly see what they have available and then go find it elsewhere possibly cheaper ! yes a lot of gear is hard to get in the uk ? but as i've said in other threads i can get anything from abroad cheaper if i'm willing to wait, the only win the advertisers have is if i feel they deserve my business by supporting these forums and their members ? then i would buy and commit as long as its not rip off prices. if you dont ask you dont get.
  8. yeah-something like that...along with character it developed new doors ( twice), new additional rope seals, new home made fire basket, new grills, new rotisserie addition and a few man made holes for various probes in days gone by since she was new...........but still capable of turning out a long and slow until the new kamado sidelined her.
  9. cheers guys, i took the safe route today as i had some rainbow trout to smoke so i fired up the pro q ( gets uglier and rustier looking by the month ) but still gets the job done as my back up cooker now
  10. it's almost mackerel time again in the firth of forth and i tend to catch a fair few every year and love to hot smoke them, but i'd heard that some folk wont cook them in their kamados as the smell lingers and taints meat cooks afterwards ? any truth to this, i know they are super oily and stink a fair bit . in my old pro q excell i used to just give a wee jet wash afterwards and all was good but does it really get into the ceramic pores of the kamado ?
  11. and the big names too, they are all made in china, exception being green egg which is made in mexico if you look at some of the spares on these websites you will see joe and other big name spares i have bought every thing from photography gear to fishing lures from china, mostly via dhgate as you dont pay until it arrives and your happy with it (dh gate gets the payments from you and then they pay the companies so your not distrubuting your details across all of china to numerous companies! and some of them are straight from the same factory sometimes with the patent numbers (turns out most americans only take out patents for america and not world wide as they believe they are the centre of the universe ! and most have non distribution contracts with the manufacturers only for goods back into the us which leaves them free to sell original goods branded anywhere else in the world (or the sell direct by the back door so to speak regardless of contracts or patents.)...its up to everyone to discuss it with their moral compass and make that decision i once bought a genuine american patented flash strobe diffuser when i ran a photography business, it cost 150 quid for one unit from the US, when i lost the top (lid) i sourced where it was made and bought direct from the company, (china) only difference was it had no american patent number, was 100% identical and i got two complete units for $20.00 dollars inc delivery to uk that made my mind up to research every thing i buy and source from the manufacturer if its made in china. sick of RIP OFF BRITAIN (and the US) there is a downside.....you dont get it tomorrow or this week.
  12. you can get the spares for all types of kamados on dhgate.com alibaba or direct from any of the chinese factories
  13. i'm guessing there have been a few breakages and rather than have all the parts as spares they have probably dived into some sale stock and opened one or two cartons up to supply us. i got the replacement ring yesterday (in one piece) so i cant really complain too much, that said the heat deflector is easier to replace than the ring so i'd make it work for me somehow, it really is a good cooker having used it, and you wont get a 3 year warranty anywhere else or for any brand in the uk, if i get a couple of years out of mine and it breaks i now know i will be offered a refund having already used it for ??? long and that they cant replace any parts Hopefully i wont need to and i have no doubt it will last many years i would as someone else has stated ask for a partial refund, quote them a price for a top of the line pizza stone off ebay (about 40 to 50 quid) im sure thats less than the cost of uplifting the whole unit and returning it to their stores so im sure they would go for that option and then you can choose ceramic or metal . ( and id get one bigger than the original too) so just within this forum we have had a couple of broken items, but no matter the brand they are all made in china and i bet green egg and joe have the same level of broken items, it's the nature of the materials...........they have all been bumped about on the roads and oceans for a couple of weeks before making it here.
  14. learned a valuable lesson today, i have previously cooked with a pro q elite and always used the water pan, today i cooked a pork shoulder in the new kamado without any water pan as i'd seen on youtube most think its not required and still stays moist, and the inevitable happened, as the fat started dripping the temp ran out of control (luckily i have a remote thermostat) so drip pan is a requirement from now on but i also learnt something ref the charcoal burn, i filled it up to what i assumed was a level to get me through a long cook, and i made the well amongst the charcoal at the front above the air intake (wasnt thinking) so as the air went in it assisted the charcoal in catching all the way from front to back in a very short time- in future i will put the hot coals at the rear where the burn has t work forward against the air flow Any thoughts on this ? Anyway thats the aldi kamado had its first 10 hour cook and due to my stupid mistake it got very very hot ! and survived it no problems - and the pork......amazing
  15. The fire clay repair yesyerday allowed me to get a first burn in done and i'm doing a second this evening taking it a little higher again than last night, im not sure this is required but i had some old charcoal left from last year anyway
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