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Which Sous Vide wand?


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I'm looking to buy a sous vide wand and want to limit my spend to about £100

Current options are

Anova Nano £65

Anova BT £79

Anova BT + WiFi £99

Lakeland £99

Nisbets Caterlite £96

Sousvidetools iVide £99

The lakeland and nisbets ones are higher power than the others (1.3kW / 1kW as opposed to 800 - 900W).

Does anyone have an recommendations? What else should I be looking at?

This probably isn't something I'll use a lot, time will tell, but I want to give it a try.



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Scfnet welcome to the forum matey,  we have both a bath type and the wand, which happens to be a Wancle, only because I got it at a knockdown price of  £50.

To be honest, I don't think I would ever go for one with wifi, I'd use the wifi may be a couple of times,  then wouldn't bother after.

We find that after the initial setup we don't touch ours at all, and we do 24hrs runs on both pork and beef joints.  You say that you think you may not use it much,  wait until you get into the world of sous vide.  Everything you do will have more flavour,  it stays in the bag until you open it.

I did chicken Kiev sous vide just last week, I even use the wand when I make cheese, it's great for holding a temp for 90 mins, +/- 1c.



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Thanks both, I've added the Wancle to the list and removed some due to lack of reviews. I agree that the WiFi and probably BT is not going to make much difference - If I'm in BT range then I can look at the device itself!

I will search out and read Sarah's threads over Xmas and then try to decide - hopefully there may be some offers around soon


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