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UDS Plans...

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2 minutes ago, Icefever said:

I've found a place on the Bay that's selling drums with lids that are clean as whatever they carried was in a plastic liner.  


OK, be careful with the drums with plastic liners, they are a swine to get them out.

I have been looking, and I can get a used barrel, with lid for around £20.00

 BUT, I have seen on EBay (£54.00) same company on Amazon (£49.00) based in the West Midlands, new drums, unpainted.

So the choice is, buy a used drum, burn it out, he set aboutit with a grinder with a sanding disc, or pay to have it sandblasted. 

Or buy the new unpainted drum?

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Thanks ! Completely new to smoking . Old hand at grilling . I’m not handy with tools but after a lot of deliberation built an UDS

One lesson to pass on : keep it simple and don’t over think it ! You can adapt and upgrade as you go on. 

Second lesson : if spray painting buy a spray attachment for can £5-6 

and buy 3-4 cans ! 

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This is the article quote.. 

" For the exhaust, the easiest setup involves evenly spaced holes in a circular pattern around the drum lid, as opposed to a single larger hole with a chimney tube attached. This minimizes any chimney effects, which can increase draft and create hot and cold spots and an overall hotter fire. For this exhaust pattern, drill eight equally spaced one-inch holes a few inches from the edge of the lid. An easy way to get this right is to place eight coins in a circle around the lid and then measure the distance between them. Slightly move each one until the distance between each coin is equal. Then remove each coin one-by-one and drill the holes. Depending on the type of handle and smoker thermometer you find, drill an appropriate number of holes to attach both."

Link to it is this...



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Yes but I didn’t measure correctly So i might add some more holes . but found it easier with this method and less concerned with any cold spots . In all honesty I’d go with 4 equally spaced holes .

And as well you can swap over for 90 degree elbows to counteract rain if needed 




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I'm putting together a list of bits to gather over the next few months,  not sure when I'll be building it yet. Looking at fitting a PID blower, I have a spare PID at home but not sure the temp range of it, it worked a fermentation fridge that has now been reassigned for the storage of cheese/bacon.

I've found this one....


I like the build quality of Inkbird and the  K type thermocouple that comes with it has a range: -50℃~400℃. more than ample for a UDS....and it's got £10 off. 


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