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57cm Webber on Gumtree £40


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4 hours ago, Icefever said:

Anyone in the Chesterfield area there's a 57 cm for sale for £40...it's worth that for spares.  :thumb1:



Very tempted, do I need another BBQ, or would it come in handy for Tailgate Weekends?

Will be going through Chesterfield 3 times on Monday, collecting trailers from Chatsworth House.

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Personal preference really.

I like them, they are easy to build. You can make them as simple or all the whistle and bells.

Just gathering bits to build another one. Drum £15.00, shelf’s £7.00 each from Homebase, old beer barrel cut in half for the fire basket (free) some 2inch pipe and 90’ elbows for air intakes, 6inch of 3 inch pipe for exhaust £20.00- £30.00. £60.00 job done.




Going for something like this


But with wheels on to make it easy to move.

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4 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

6inch of 3 inch pipe for exhaust £20.00- £30.00.

You've got my mind ticking over,  I'm already thinking of building one... but is 6" of 3" enough?? I've just re-read this....is the 6" for the top vent???

I use a lot of copper building my brewery and I have a lot of bits hanging about.

I always order from JTM  they are brilliant, now they do Stainless connectors and all the fitting needed,  but I'm now wondering if copper pipe would work ok.  

This is the SS section


This is the copper....the compression tank connector would save a lot of time & welding ????



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