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I remember there was a song called ' How To Handle A Women' sung by Richard Harris in a film called 'Camelot' Does anybody remember it? Well I do and not once, anywhere in the lyrics of that song did it explain how to get a woman interested in BBQ'ing! Oh it waffled on about getting her to love you and how you should love her in return, how to treat her and a whole bunch of other such gooey stuff but did it mention anything about roast meats? Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we pretty big in the roast meats department during the period the film covers! I mean pretty much all meat was BBQ'ed up until the late 1700s and early 1800s. The French called the British 'roast boeuf's' and still do to this very day and yet the song writers ignored the subject entirely and missed a chance to open a path of enlightenment for all those ladies out there that are, at best, indifferent to the delights of the BBQ!! Very few, if any films, cover the subject of BBQing! Go on, name one? I think it could be a conspiracy! Did you ever see Steve McQueen attending a BBQ? The only time I can think of when a scene in a film comes close is when all those cowboys are sitting around the campfire eating beans and suffering bouts of wind! The media yet again poking fun at BBQs! Of course we all know that ladies do not find breaking wind in the least bit funny! Yet more evidence of a plot against the last bastion of man cave cooking. I'm not bitter, just saying.?

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38 minutes ago, Smoke Bloke said:

The first time I saw anyone having a BBQ was Fred Flintsone cooking a bronto steak way back in the day (early 60s). That image always stuck with me so  the first time I tried to BBQ anything was with a 2" thick T bone, that was also in nearly prehistoric times (1970's).

Barney Rubble standing on the patio flipping T-Rex steaks whilst Fred prevaricates about whatever and Wilma and Betty giggle!  Ah, happy days....

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