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Replacement Temp Probes


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Bought six of the above for, in my case, the Maverick ET-733 unit. They were at the time of purchase going for just £9.99 incl P&P They are the Hybrid version so work as both oven and meat probes. They have been a great success and I've had no issues with them at all to date. Most replacements I had found had been £16+ and more so a very fair saving I thought. The supplier, Lerway, carry a range of different probes for a number of units but if you don't see yours in the list then send them an email and ask if they have one that fits your particular unit. They are very accommodating and can normally supply or point you in the right direction. 

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29 minutes ago, Justin said:

Be careful not to immerse in water. That buffers the probes up . And test them as they can be widely inaccurate.

Take your point but these are as supplied with the original units, not copies, all of mine have been bang on so far and all show the same temp across a range of smokers so no real issues there. Besides, when I want to know the temp of the food I use a good quality 'instant read cooks probe'. The other unit probes, are, in my opinion, really only a guide and are used as such. Wipe em down with a damp cloth after use and the jobs a good un as they say. And obviously don't put them directly on the coals but then who would??  

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Most of the digital probes will be fairly accurate and either work or fail. I regularly test my probes and I have not had one that has been more than 1 or 2 degrees out - which for what we use them for is within acceptable limits.

Without knowing whether or not the unit you have takes a standard K type probe or is a proprietary probe variation (as many of the cheap Chinese units are) I think you will be best to retire the whole unit and buy a new one that does have spare probes available.

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