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Chrimbo day


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I was talking to one of my daughters the other day,  and it got around to how close Chrimbo is. While talking about the main day's food, I joked that we were going to spit roast a duck on Chrimbo morning.   ?

I was somewhat surprised when she came back with "that sounds like a great idea"...    ?     I thought sh*t what have I let myself in for????.

When I told Rosemary and laughed at the idea...we got chatting and thought WHY NOT.  Think how easy it could be, bang it on the spit and let it go...sit back and relax..only the side dishes to do and Hey Presto Chrimbo dinner??

Watch this space...I think this may be a winner.   :thumb1:


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I had no option but to BBQ one Christmas Day, a few years ago now. The memsahib was incapacitated in bed and I'd had the bright idea of having a very large goose for Christmas lunch, I placed it in the large oven and informed her I was off to walk the hound and that the goose would be ready in such and such and she need do nothing as it was all in hand by yours truly! I took off with the hound and tramped around the countryside in the snow only stopping off for a quick snifter at the local, it would have been rude to refuse! Arriving home in plenty of time I was greeted with the smell of burning? The thermostat on the oven had gone haywire and after cremating the goose had blown the main 30amp fuse for good measure! I did not have a spare fuse and when I attempted to salvage something from the goose it crumbled to blackened dust!? I was left with just a rib of beef sitting in the fridge and so cooked our entire Christmas dinner on a very small gas BBQ and when I say entire I do mean exactly that, everything including a Yorkshire pud, whilst standing in two feet of snow with the memsahib laughing at me! It was, the best Christmas dinner we have ever had though we have never had goose again. Lesson learned.

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