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You will find that in most Texas towns there is at least one BBQ shack and many of them smoke and serve some of the best BBQ you will taste. Forget (mostly) the BBQ joints that look like restaurants and go for the ones where you can smell the mesquite and hickory fug lingering over several blocks around the restaurant. If it looks like a 1950s cafe with plastic check tablecloths and a queue that is forming at 10:30 in the morning - go join that queue. Most will only cook a set amount of food overnight based upon their smoker capacity (usually brisket, pork, ribs, chicken and links - sausages) and when they have sold out the place closes until the next day. You may be lucky to find some of the larger restaurants serving good smoked meat but usually the best BBQ is cooked by the small local smokehouses.

Here is a great place I stopped just by chance at a few years ago whilst driving through Eagle Lake deep in the wilds of Texas. No frills... paper plates... fantastic BBQ :thumb1:



My favourite BBQ though was eaten at a small place in Clarksdale Mississippi called Abe's BAR-B-Q. It was little more than a food takeaway with only about half a dozen small tables inside. Wow - their brisket was to die for.



If you go to a restaurant and they add the sauce directly to the meat before you get it then they are usually not good. The best ones usually serve the sauce as an option and in a separate container.

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Its been a long time since I've lived in the States, 1994, miss a number of things, all food related, they are proper Mexican, real BBQ and proper Pizza? Oh and good fried chicken, clam chowder, and the prices, but then I'm way way out of date on those. But I don't miss the beer, if you can call it beer but I hear tell the micro brewers are on the rise and that has improved things, a lot. I don't miss grits! I'll never miss them as long as I live. ☺️

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Thought of more things I miss and don't
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5 minutes ago, Icefever said:

We were told by the waitress to add tomato sauce to give it taste     ?   NO... because then it tastes like tomato wall paste      ?


We were told to add butter, so I added a pound! All that did was help it slide down easier, never came close to improving the texture or taste. As soon as I was able I moved location to a state that ate them way less. It was the only sane thing to do.

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1 hour ago, Icefever said:

We have a friend who loves them...we have to bring a packet back for him....   :yahoo:


You used to be able to get them at Sainsbury's only a few months ago because I saw them! Wouldn't buy them but did see them. £4 for 10 in a box. In fact you can get them on line from that supermarket so your friend will never have to wait for you to get them ever again.

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