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Hi all, 

New to the world of BBQ'ing now that I have a house with a garden, the grill was the second thing I bought.

Seen a lot about indirect grilling, for low & slow methods, but looks like everyone uses a Weber Kettle or ceramic egg for this. Can it be done using the charcoal side in a dual fuel BBQ? I'm thinking chimney starter, briquettes into one side, water tray on the other with the meat cooking above the water.

Picture of the grill below!

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Welcome to the forum, you could definitely use the charcoal side for low and slow and I suspect even the gas side if you can have individual burners lit (someone with gas experience will be able to confirm). 

If using charcoal I think you would be better off using the minion method (Google it) to light the coals so you only have a small heat source that burns for a long time, water pan as you say, some smoking wood and away you go!

Good luck.

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Welcome to the forum!

1st thing I bought when I moved into my house 10 years ago was a grill😁

I started out on a 'el cheapo' offset smoker and that worked well enough for low and slow (providing the outside temperature was higher than 13C haha). 

Your grill certainly looks like a much better grill than I had so I would assume it works a treat👍

I agree with pittmab suggesting the minion method 🍻

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