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Smokey Mountain mod


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Hi all,

I’m thinking of replacing my wsm water pan with a sheet of 3mm thick mild steel, just wondered if anyone has tried this without problems. 

I’m aware it will need proper seasoning as such due being coated in mineral oil to prevent rust.

Anyone have a better alternative besides tinfoiling the water pan. 


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No I’m not gonna form a bowl, just use it as a baffle instead of the usual water bowl.

A pretty standard mod is to fill the bowl with sand to act as a heat sink or a terracotta saucer over the top instead of water.

It’s been said that you can achieve better heat control without water in the pan that can help with things like chicken and pork to achieve crispier skin.

 I’m thinking a flat steel disc in it’s place would be better than foil or saucer with a disposable foil tray on top to catch the drippings to make cleaning up easier.

Just something I wanna play around with and see for myself.

Gonna go with stainless though to eliminate the mineral oil/rust issue.


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You may well be right but my tinkering nature still thinks it’s worth a gamble, so far so that I have ordered a 3mm thick disc of stainless steel from everyone’s favourite auction site.

At worst I’ll get no improved heat management, at best it will give me more room to access charcoal basket to add more fuel/wood and hopefully improved cleanup time. 

Quite like the possibility of adding fresh herbs and spices to the plate to maybe infuse another layer of flavour.

I’ll update how things progress.

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