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Kielbasa ready for the hot smoke......


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I managed to find time to grind half of the 4kg pork shoulder I had...2kg for the Kielbasa,  t'other 2kg cut into chunks and vac'ed, now in the freezer.

I  started off with popping the grinder bits in the freezer for an hour, along with the pork,  got stuck in and it only takes a couple of minutes to grind 2 kg of meat....finished up with this..


Weighed out the spice mixture.....


Wrapped and into the fridge for overnight.


Stuffer was out yesterday...sausages now sat in the fridge waiting for the hot smoke this morning....




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That's that finished.........just a few photo to show how it went....

Ready for the off....                                                                    First hour in.....                                               Cabinet temp...steady at 83/85c....            


IMG_20210401_092054087.thumb.jpg.5f3d982df7a4727496f93e737d43c47d.jpg                      IMG_20210401_102146268.thumb.jpg.ca43eb9b0f16e973af49141f0cb3efc0.jpg                         IMG_20210401_102105916.thumb.jpg.0c5c2e8f77d1e69ff1af88fd2a545aa9.jpg

         Internal temp @ 40c                                                    Finished  @  66/68c                                                            Now in the cold water

IMG_20210401_102124230.thumb.jpg.157dccd4fe4a70a315eb059c341c253d.jpg                      IMG_20210401_134110423.thumb.jpg.73d80c8f8e07ccec0ff37de22802210d.jpg                            IMG_20210401_134346351.thumb.jpg.66c1a6a93550a7d45498a08e10e821d7.jpg






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7 hours ago, Elecrafter said:

Looks good. Ive done Kielbasa a couple of times, both came out good. not much of it left in the freezer!



I remember you doing them, they looks good also....I think next time I'll grind down to the next plate size. My girls are coming over later so I said I'll get the ribs on along with a chuck....it's bbq time...I'm also going to throw a ring of Kielbasa on.



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