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Hi all

Big joe

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Hi everyone

My name is Joe im from Liverpool and I am a newbie when it comes too the art of bbq , smoking,

im 36 and have always enjoyed bbq food , at home in my mums they always had a gas bbq and i was usually the one too cook on it for small family gatherings , just the typical uk bbq ie  burgers, sausages, chops the odd chicken skewer, last year i was bought an xl teppenyaki hot plate which i used to do food on in the summer for my family,

i have recently in the past few weeks been given a 57cm kettle bbq, which had only been used once, i thought too myself that i really want to have a good go at smoking and grilling properly, i watched a few vids on youtube about how it is possible too use a kettle as a smoker, after searching online and trying too gather information i came acroos this forum.

 the kettle i have needs a few mods like a temp gauge ive heard a grate with lifting sides is essential ,

anyway ill shut up now because i could go on and on , im so excited too get too started , im so eager and ready too learn,

I hope and look forward too learning from you all and too get too know you,


cheers for reading





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