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Thermapen Classic NHS edition £30


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Not sure how long this offer has been around, but £30 is a decent price for a Thermapen. A £10 donation is also made to the NHS charities "together" 

If it's like the other classic & mk3's they can be set to either DegC or F using the dip switches in the battery compartment.

Free delivery on items over £24.99 so should be 30 quid delivered.

Here is the LINK

Cheers n Gone Nick


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I’m just replacing my Mk3 after finding it in the dishwasher... Mr Nobody apparently...

I have managed to get the pro version for £41.47 delivered. If you’re not fussed on the colour look under the ‘offers’ section and there’s some discounted models. I went for Marine blue.  https://thermapen.co.uk/thermapen-offers

I used code “locarbecue-20” for a further 20% off.

Hope that’s helpful.

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