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  1. Fantastic news! That's great! 😀
  2. Hi Jombo. I don't know the kind of smoker you have but normally I open both top and bottom vents to get it lit for more airflow and then use the bottom vent to adjust the air coming in to the charcoal. I suspect your issue is more to do with the charcoal you have rather than the smoker as instant light are pretty rubbish for low and slow as the charcoal is also covered in a lighting fluid which might make the food taste bad. Also, with small pieces it's not going to get time to get up to temp before burning out. It's probably worthwhile trying to get your hands on some regular charcoal before trying again and you might notice the difference straight away.
  3. I've used Big K - I can't remember if I've used the Dura or not but generally anything that's their restaurant grade has been fine for me - I think I've had one bag where the bottom has been a bit smush but I just use that in my Go Anywhere when I need to add some more coals. Handy if you can't get to somewhere where you can pick it up. I'm in Aberdeen so there's less places up here the do it so sometimes it's easier to order
  4. Hi Mike - I don't think a cold smoker would really work (although I could be wrong!). As far as I can gather meat will take on the smoke at the start of cooking, not at the end, and I don't know if cold smoking something and then cooking straight away would be enough for the smoke to penetrate right through. And if you're cold smoking something like bacon etc you normally leave it a few days after smoking for the smoke to equalise a bit and get more into the meat and I doubt you'd be able to wait that long for ribs and wings. What kind of BBQ do you have? Maybe someone can make a suggestion for hot smoking depending on what you're using
  5. Yay for another person from Aberdeen! 👋 I use the Tilly butcher as well when I can, sometimes Costco too (if you can get access to their they're good for some practice cuts, and I noticed have started doing beef ribs so I'm going to have to get some!). I've yet to try Davidsons - during full lockdown I was using Grid Iron Meat that are actually based in York, but everything was sent up fresh overnight and I could get free delivery for ordering less from them, but really want to try some of the Davidsons briskets and ribs as they look really good!
  6. If you have a Range nearby I heard a rumour that sometimes the Heat Beads are available there - I can't confirm as I've not been in to our local one to check but might be worth a shot if you're near one? I bought some from BBQ World to have a go but it doesn't look like they have in stock any more. I was using Cocoshell Briquettes but was a bit disappointed with my last box, a bit smokey (but probably just a bad batch as I've been happy with them before), which is why I'm trying alternatives. I also bought the Globaltic lumpwood and briquettes but haven't had a go yet to report back I'm afraid
  7. There are a lot of people who own them, I'm just unsure how they work (probably because they're also out of my price range! 🤣) but I think they maybe don't impart as smoky a flavour. I believe they might be easier to control though and get the temps you need but I'm prepared to be corrected! The ProQ and Weber do what I need - I do wish I bought a bigger ProQ as I only got the smallest, but I make do with what I have - and once I have the funds (and more garden space) I'll look to getting something else as well. Some folk swear by buying rubs, I just prefer making my own and then I can change what I put in if I want to.
  8. Welcome WestCoastScot! I have a ProQ and Weber and am quite happy with that (for the moment) but if money and space wasn't an object I'd possibly plump for the Masterbuilt 560 as it seems pretty versatile with low & slow and being able to sear, and I'd like to keep using charcoal or briquettes (I don't know much about pellet smokers) so I have been eyeballing it recently. In saying that I'd also want a decent offset to play with so I'd better start playing the lottery soon so I can win big for all these plans! 🤣 And I'd probably still keep the ProQ and the Weber... so I don't think that answers your question! I suppose it really comes down to what you really want to use it for, what you have the space for and how many people you reckon you're going to be cooking for. As for rubs, I generally make my own (I have quite a few books to choose from for inspiration!) - I sometimes buy if I see one that catches my eye when I'm shopping but often find they're a bit of a let down so it's good to experiment if you feel brave enough!
  9. You're all putting me to shame, I only did burgers on friday... but then it has been blowing a hoolie since sunday here! 🙄
  10. Yeah, if it's your first cook on the ProQ it'll all come together eventually, it's just about testing what works and what doesn't. Wade very helpfully put this information on another topic before which might help you out (down near the bottom of the page): Like I said, I haven't tried using sand yet - I seem to do ok with water (or no water if I need it higher) but maybe @Icefevercan give a bit of advice about using it in case there's tips or tricks?
  11. I normally use lumpwood to light it and then briquettes for the minion. Are you filling the water dish? I often find if I over-fill it that the temp takes ages to come up. Sometimes I just foil it and don't put any water in at all. And there's a few folk here that use sand instead of water (I've not tried this yet so can't say anything about it from experience). Did you have all your vents open?
  12. Yes, they're very good for my OCD... makes my ProQ look pretty inside.. 😀
  13. I've used the ProQ Cocoshell briquettes for a couple of years, but trying other things of late as I've been a bit disappointed with the smoke from the last box. I'm hoping I just got a bad batch, or it's to do with the cold temperatures I've been smoking in, but it's taking ages for the white smoke to clear with them. Although never had a problem with them before so like I said - hope it's just a bad batch! I found they were a lot lower on ash then regular briquettes and get a good hot and long burn with them so they are worth giving a go.
  14. Thanks Wade and Nick - I've stuck an order in to Globaltic for some charcoal and briquettes and will see if I can get some Aussie Heatbeads when I get paid and then I can have a proper play about! 😁
  15. I might have to start experimenting with some others as well then - I've already found a few I'm not so keen on as well. I saw Globaltic were doing a deal with their charcoal & briquettes so was thinking of splashing out as I have read their charcoal is pretty good
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