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What's brewing fellas


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Only just discovered your reply 🙄

I’ve been brewing for 30+ years and never really had a problem with clarity. To be fair I only brew my version of very hoppy ale.

 I say my version as it goes in 10ltr kegs with 60g dextrose and served with minimal pressure as opposed to a beer engine.

My brews are never 100% clear as I brew using the no chill method. Tried the chilling method but much prefer no chill for a full bodied ale.

currently I’m going:- all in one brewer, as soon as the boil finishes it goes immediately into a stainless steel fermenter at murder degrees and left to chill on its own, either naturally or in combination with a brew fridge, yeast is added next day.

Never had a problem in years. 
I like to keep things simple, like me 😁

Been looking up this pressure fermentation stuff but it escapes me as to why 🤷 

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