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I'm new to this whole smoking game. I started properly this summer. Looking for some help. All I have is a Weber Kettle, so nothing extravagant at the moment. My very first attempt was a big success. Rode the stall with a pork butt and hit 195f, took it off, it was amazing. Since then I've somehow struggled to replicate it. Just looking for some advice with just about everything. For instance, right now I have some pork ribs on there. I used a lot of briquettes and they've lasted no time at all, I have the bottom and top vent fully open and it's just crawling back to temperature painfully slowly. 

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Welcome to the forum Andrew.

Reading your post is baffling? What have you changed from your first cook? Fuel Type?

You are burning through fuel like a steam train, all vents fully open, so you should be searing meat, but are struggling to reach temperature!?

Take some photos of your set up, fuel etc and we see what we can do 👍

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I've found that i am using the Weber Kettle more & more like @Justin says it's just so versatile for quick cooks, or longer smokes. The cooking area on the 57cm lends itself to all sort.

For all my purchases of bullet smokers & Kamado's it's the 30 quid secondhand kettle that get the lions share of use!

Cheers n Gone Nick

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Wind can be brutal on a kettle, been windy here for a couple of days, playing merry hell on my smoker with the chill factor. My snakes have been a briquette higher than usual to combat it.

Look up the snake method and protect your kettle from too much wind and you won’t go far wrong.

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