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Beef Short Ribs and a side of St Louis


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Really happy with the results. Also chucked a rack of St Louis Ribs on too.

Short Ribs Rubbed with Firefly Texas Lone Star. Not used it before, found it lingering at the back of the cupboard and thought it'll be worth a shot. Very, very peppery!

St Luis ribs rubbed with Cowtown the Squeel! This has a right kick and contained salt, made sure I dusted the rack just before it went on. Great flavours and It could be used on chicken.

Didn't bother with a binder. They were still wet from the vac packing.

Used the MADS (mildly attractive drum smoker). Made this about 2 years ago and added a Weber lid, hinge kit and castors. Mate in the states sent over the Tel Tru Temp Gauge. Added a Chunk of cherry and a slither of aok whiskey barrel. Tend to find you don't need much in the drum smoker setup.

Short rib 8 hours at 280°F but this time I kept checking periodically after they hit 195°F internal, by proving with a skewer. Finally hit that knife through butter moment at 198°F. Took 'em off and wrapped in foil, then a towel and placed in a cooler to rest whilst the Pork Ribs finished off.

St Louis 2.45 hours at 280, foil wrapped and left on the counter for a couple of hours. Didn't bother with any butter or liquid. Then back on the smoker for 1.5 hours. Opened the foil up and let the bark set then added Kosmo Q Pineapple Glaze. Let that set for a further 20 mins then removed and let rest on a chopping board to serve with the short ribs.

Both racks turned out perfect. If anything I would use less seasoning next time.

And yes I did cut the grass later on!












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Beautifully done, bravo.

One thing I would say is make your own rubs and sauces, often, if not always, it is better than bottled stuff and you also have a better idea of what flavour you are going to get?

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Thanks Justin! I've had a stab at making my own, following the Meathead and Pitque recipes and maybe I'm just not using fresh enough ingredients, but they just never seem to hit the taste buds the same way some of the commercial rubs do. 

That said the sauces I've made have been great so maybe I need the revisit rubs again?

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Looks good, just ordered a 2kg rack of Short Ribs and a St Louis Rack earlier this morning from an online butcher, to take to my Dad's on Sunday for Fathers Day to eat in his garden, first time I will have seen him since lockdown due to him being in the High Risk category.

Hope mine turn out as well, was looking at 250F on the grill for about 10 hours or so with a homemade SPG rub but may need a little longer looking at your timings.

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If you're planning to run the short rib un-wraped,  the biggest giveaway they were nearly done is the fact they start dropping like a broken fridge. That's the magic point.

Wrapped wold be a bit more difficult to judge aside from the temperature indicator.

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Planning on unwrapped, done individual ribs plenty of times, never a rack. Where I ordered them from they did a 4kg rack of Beef Ribs, but chose the 2kg rack as they did a combo pack consisting of 2kg rack, 2.5kg St Louis Ribs and 2kg Jumbo Chicken Wings roughly for the price of the 4kg ribs, so thought I would try that out first.

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Just going to stick the Short Ribs on now, just used a 2:1 ratio of Salt and Pepper but quite a thin coating, I know people go heavy on it with more pepper for the crust. But taste wise, I prefer it lighter as I struggle with too much pepper.

Will put the St Louis Ribs after the Beef ribs tomorrow lunchtime so they are ready for tea-time, along with a Ham to bake to eat over the next couple of days




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It's been my longest ever continuous cooking session  today, just over 18 hours and the Weber has performed flawlessly, just left at 240F from start to finish, for all of the meats, except for spritzing and a quick reload of the hopper haven't had much to do, it just did it's thing.

Put the Beef Ribs on just before midnight, expecting a 10-11 hour cook for the 2 kg Slab , took 11.5 in the end and rested for + 60 minutes rest time (transport time to share with my Dad for Fathers Day) due to his need for self isolation. Turned out well, good beefy flavour, nice crust and a decent smoke ring. Think it was a little too long resting time and the IT went a little over in the cool box, but it had to be that way, to get them there. Think a 15-20 minute rest would have been ideal



After removing them from the grill, I added the Ribs and ham (ham is for the next few days) Once back started spritzing 4 hours after putting them on every 30 to 40 minutes. Didn't bother wrapping or adding sauce and they were done around the 7 hour mark.




Ordered the St Louis ribs online, having used my local butchers and supermarkets for a while. My wife and me thought these ribs were in a different league to what we have had lately and cooking wise, both the beef and pork were what people call probe tender, it sank like butter into the meat and really no need to check the temperatures. The quality of the meat and quantity of it on the rack overall made the extra expense worth it. Good eating all round and well stuffed.


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