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BBQ Seasoning


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My new ProQ got pretty well seasoned after a couple of cooks, also it stopped leaking smoke from the stacker joint. but I did give it a burn with some crap small bits of charcoal first just to clean it up, but tbh don't think it was needed

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I think I am doing this all wrong and hey I have bbq that smells nice and a lid that’s twice its weight

Thanks, everyone, I get the opinion, help season once and just get cooking the rest sorts its self out and seasons


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Thanks Wade, a little mad I waste time paining the fats on the lid and side and gain nothing. No harm done and we all learn

I guess a well use BBQ looks after its self and not really good to over clean

Ill try get some pictures of the old Weber lid BBQ i have so you can see inside and the coating

Foods amazing if not very creative 


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