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Pork Neck


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So I've got a joint of pork neck in the freezer from these guys which is around a kilo & a half, but because it's heritage breed it's carrying a fair amount of fat. I'm not sure what to do with it & thought maybe you guys might have a suggestion or two?


 I'm presuming as it's neck it will be quite tough & therefore benefit from low & slow but by the time all that fat has rendered down it's gonna be a messy smoker!

Cheers n Gone Nick

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If you don't want to mess your smoker up, reckon that would go well in a Mexican Pork Stew, plenty of recipes out there I have made this one in a Dutch oven with a pork shoulder in the cooker, but sure it would work just as well in a slow cooker. I sourced the Polish sausage, from a local corner shop, but sure there are alternatives if you haven't got a Polish shop near you.

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