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Reheating using Sous Vide wand?


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Just a quick question, when I'm producing pulled pork or lamb for a gathering I tend to smoke it in advance and then vacuum pack and freeze it to make my life easier so on the day it's needed I can just make sure I've thawed it in advance and then reheat in a pan of water.

I was thinking, would it be ok to reheat it in a water bath using a sous vide wand with the temperature set to just below where I originally cooked the meat to so it doesn't cook it any further? I was thinking this way I could get it up to temperature a bit ahead of time and hold it there until I was ready to serve everything else up? 


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Hi Scott, I always do this.

At the weekend we where catering for 260 at a Bonfire event, serving Hot Pork Cobs

I Sous Vide the Pork Loin to 68’C for around 18 hours. Remove from baths and run under running cold water to quickly drop the temperature, then into the Fridge.

Next day when Meat is chilled I slice it using an electric meat slicer, back into Sous Vide bags. Then on the day reheat again @ 68’C for around 3-4 hours before serving. I have done this for around seven years now with no problems.

Can serve 260 people Hot Pork Cobs with Stuffing and Apple Sauce in under one hour!

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Cheers Steve, good to hear that what I was thinking would be fine actually is, will make it much easier when it comes to having some sort of bbq gathering when I eventually get my house in a state where I could possibly invite people round...lol,far too much diy to to do first!

Hi Wade, I did indeed buy one, on the spur of the moment I picked up one of the Aldi ones, only tested it on some eggs thus far but was very impressed with perfect whites and yolks! It will prove a very useful bit of kit when I get my life vaguely more sorted out than it is at present. 

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