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Pulled beef nachos and grilled burrito

James Wales

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After having a few discussions with my butcher about what exactly an "american chuck roast"we settled on a rolled chuck joint, I'm still not sure its what they get in America but i was happy enough It was 2.8k, £8.25 kg  so around £22. I decided to rub with angus and oink the general, jess pryles black carnivore rub and a bit of dried sage and rosemary.20171026_113228.thumb.jpg.d2e5fa40fc7c8db67aac9e5d15dadd58.jpg20171026_091417.thumb.jpg.7279eea65735e8a01fc7b6d8ccbd22c1.jpg

I put it in my drum at 275-300f until the internal read 165f. I used some walnut and oak to smoke with as i wanted a really smokey flavour.20171026_155154.thumb.jpg.68b32b454dd662cbee4891c938df7806.jpg

As i was going for a slightly Mexican flavour profile on the beef i decided to do what i call "rainbow rice". For this i par boil some rice so it is nearly cooked i then mix with chopped tomatoes with juice, mixed peppers, cherry toms, sweetcorn, red kidney beans, spring onions and red onion. The reason for not cooking it all on the bbq is that i have had problems overcooking and undercooking the rice. 20171026_154059.thumb.jpg.bdb2265cadce21a0b6428da43d6c4c77.jpg

this way it  just takes 30 mins to warm through and the rice should finish cooking in the residual steam. 


When the beef hit 165f i wrapped it with bovril, some more rub and a bit of ale i was refreshing myself with at the time


I let it cook like this wrapped until the internal was 203f then let it rest. It was beefy and smokey on tasting with a little kick. perfect for nachos and burritos.20171027_180046.thumb.jpg.d68ddb73e83b2fc4548d22c7093feaa5.jpg

Nachos were just served with melted cheese, spring onion and sour cream20171027_182528.thumb.jpg.00bf755143cc6655767af76236b9bddb.jpg

With the burritos i wrapped some of the rice, lots of the beef a little cheese and using a little contraption i brought back from turkey which is a sandwich toaster for the bbq grilled them. wholemeal wraps obviously??



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