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Cured salmon

Steve j

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Yes, beetroot works well with the salmon as it gives it a lovely graduated colour. The secret though is to not use too much beetroot as it can give quite an earthy flavour. Beetroot powder works well mixed in with the curing salt. 

Works well with smoked salmon but I think is actually better as gravadlax :thumb1:

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It sounds as if it may have been too cold for the water to evaporate effectively during the smoking stage.  The temperature needs to be maintained at between 20-24 C. Was the smoke generator inside the smoker? That often helps to raise the temperature on cold days/nights.

If the texture seems fine for you then it will still be safe to eat so long as it is kept refrigerated. 

@Wet Spaniel - It is a balance between getting the desired amount of water loss and not being able to taste the curing salt. By only using a small amount of curing salt initially you can usually remove up to half of the water and then the remainder is removed during the smoking. This is the method used by some of the largest commercial smoked salmon producers in the UK. I have tried many different methods over the years and I find that by increasing the amount of salt or the curing time results in a fairly salty end product. Whilst a home made product can still be enjoyed with quite a high salt content, I have found that by increasing the salt cure stage it usually results in a smoked salmon product that is too salty to be able to sell.

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18 hours ago, Wet Spaniel said:

Looks superb Steve.  If you can justify it, a scalloped bladed knife such as a grant on beef knife makes a hell of a difference when slicing.

 cheers i'll have a look



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