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  1. I believe that Ian Roots was selling one, a Stumps clone. https://www.facebook.com/groups/492914894441439/?ref=br_tf&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  2. The smoker that I am selling is not gravity feed and it certainly is not £1,200. My Lone star grilz smoker is the real deal made in Texas and not a clone.
  3. Raptor 72 If your cooking baby-backs I would reduce the cook to 2, 1+1/2-2, 1/2. Check the wrapped ribs at a hour and a half, and if need a little longer re-wrap until done. Please let us know how your cook goes.
  4. This chicken category entry was epic, 13th ? What do them judges know anyway ? Just the way it goes in competition bbq.
  5. I am true to my word fella, let's hope we can work out a date before the year is out? Great to see and smoking monkey over the weekend.
  6. Smokin monkey, when at Smoking on the water be sure to say hi as it's great to put a face to the name. As for Wade that Woodford is welcomed any time and so is your company.
  7. Last weekend I competed in my first competition in four years and I have that bug again more than ever!! In the past I have competed with my family as Invicta BBQ. When I say "competed"! It's was more like dragging them all along with what dad wants to do. While I got walks in all categories I started to lose the love for it and a break is what was needed. Whilst on FB last year and reading about other peoples adventures within competition bbq I started to get the taste for it again. Then I met my new team member and started up a new team called Pitmaster Jedi with Joe Todd, the younger part of our team. Last weekend we competed in Qfest in Devon that was sanctioned by KCBS. It was great to meet up with old friends and new and Friday night with many beers and bourbon was consumed, thanks to Wade. Saturday waking up to a sore head I was approached by a food vendor at the venue with a flat white coffee that was much appreciated and free! Saturday was manly taken up by side rounds of Burger, steak, lamb, pizza and chilli. As this was a public event it was great to interact with them and any food that wasn't placed into the competition was quickly consume by the bbq enthusiast. The main competition turn-ins was on Sunday of chicken, ribs, pork and brisket. This meant straight after Saturday rounds were finished with it was prep time. We finished 3:30am. Sunday Iit looked like even more people turned up and some came back again that attended Saturday for more food. As each round is going in more food food was being consumed by the ever willing public. It was great to see peoples faces light and say "wow, oh my god" I even noticed one women say to her husband "why can't you cook like that" At the end of the weekend we got two walks, one in pizza and the other in chicken. As it was our first competition we didn't expect anything, so obviously happy but very tired. Onward and up upwards onto the next competition in September at Smoke on the waters in Devon.
  8. Just to let you all know that the free beer making stuff has been taken. sorry to anyone else that may of been interested in this. Regards Eddie
  9. This is my effort for this challenge, just taken this picture of my Christmas smoked salmon. These have been smoking away with apple wood.
  10. The good old Pro Q Excel. Tend to used that nowadays as my cold smoker.
  11. My effort for this Christmas smoked with apple wood.
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