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High temp smoke seal


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Got some of this from Amazon last year and was fitted in July on all the segments of my ProQ and still creating a perfect seal around all sections and doors, 9 months later, made a big difference to the seal of the smoker and maintaining temperatures once fitted, I would imagine the offset firebox is subject to higher temps than my ProQ charcoal basket produces though?  Various widths and lengths available if they are wide and long enough for the job you are looking for?

In the images somebody seems to have had success with an offset with it.  

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Thanks SOTV, I think that was the exact smoke seal I bought last time, its OK for the main chamber but it has crumbled on the fire box.

Icefever, I had a look this morning and I don't think the thicker rope will work as the hinges will not allow the door to close properly.

I'll keep hunting for some hi temp tape


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Ok, found this, High Temp Silicone Sealant or use a high temp auto silicone that is rated for 500°F or more. You can make a really thin bead around the door rim or the smoker body where the door contacts it. Lay a thin strip of kitchen wax paper or kitchen parchment paper (which is actually silicon impregnated) on top of the bead. Gently close the doors until the goo spreads out and the paper makes contact with the opposite surface all around. Lift the door and let it set. Peel off the paper. The sealant can be trimmed with a knife. Or tape each side and apply silicone in between, then as above. Peel away parchment paper and tape.

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