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Bread Stones, Best Material To Get One In?


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Looking to purchase a Bread Stone to cook pizzas on a pellet grill I am getting next month. I was thinking either a cast iron one or a granite one as they both can be used up to 500-600F. After doing some initial research online they both seem able to do a decent  job, although it seems cast iron bread stones can suffer from hot spots and you need to be careful with granite, as heating them up and cooling them down too fast can cause them to crack.

Has anybody any experience of Bread Stones on a grill and can recommend either types of these materials or something else that works well on these type of grills and temperatures, and are easy to clean and maintain after using?


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Maybe I shouldn't google things and just go with my gut. 😀

Was initially thinking of the Lodge Cast iron Stone, but can't justify that sort of money just for pizzas. So just trying to decide on 1 of these 2 at the moment. Kitchen Craft Cast iron Baking Stone or Emile Henry Ceramic Pizza Stone which has a good reduction on normal retail price. Just worried about getting that one here in one piece from Austria. Both of them seem a fair price for what I will need and do a job where I can hopefully be able to cook up to 600F on them if necessary

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I use a pizza stone and have heard about them cracking. I heard a couple of reasons this can happen.

The pizza stone will crack if wet, it takes a good bit of time to dry properly, 12 hours is what I give it. 
If heated up too quickly. I put the stone on while the lid is open for a couple of minutes letting the stone slowly warm up before closing the lid. 
I hope this helps. 

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