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My first brew


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So finally got round to doing my first brew for quite a few years, took most of the day and made a right mess but enjoyed it all, I used kveik Voss yeast and was strange pitching such a small amount into a wort still steaming 39c but 12 hours later it was doing it's stuff and 'boiling' away incredible stuff, I am fermenting at 35c will keep updating progress and hopefully harvest some kveik for future and for whoever wants some.  Next step dry hopping

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WOW...your off to a brilliant start mate,

what incredible amounts and temp to make beer....I've never heard or seen such. It'll be after chrimbo before I brew, I have all I need including
 kveik  yeast in the fridge waiting.  I'm on my third go at rearranging the garage to make some space.

Up to our eyes in chrimbo, like most folks at the moment, but I'll get there, mind you it's bloody cold out in the garage for my old bones for now.



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you can get bottling wand or bottling gun etc gun  or something like that an bottle for a keg ate.  I have learnt to use plastic coopers bottle so postage is cheaper (weight) and less chance of damage).  I tighten cap and then the next day tighten again, and consider black tape around the cap too to preserve carbonation,



I do not mind a NEIPA.  Can be tasty.

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