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Jerk Chicken Pimento Wood

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First post here, I hope I can discuss, share and get some tips

UK based ... Does anyone know where I can purchase pimento wood from, commonly known as bark

I have bags for leaves with the little twigs attached. In that space I am fine, I can use these, the chicken to be placed on with leaves and also to smoke. I do this often and the result are really nice

Tried the chipping on Amazon jamican flag on the packed, very very poor in fact Im not sure was pimento wood. I have bads of leaves and twigs, been using them for years, this chipping did not smell like pimento 

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There are quite a few users on here that are UK based so hopefully you get an answer. Personally I have not tried to obtain any so sorry I cannot help. However the chicken placed on with leaves has me curious

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Hi Adam, yes thats correct.. 

This is what you can do in the UK as pimento wood is nowhere to be seen bar, powered leaves, berrys (know as alspice, hole or ground), and leaves, with the twigs 
That means 2 3 4 5 leaves connected to the branches connected to one branch - I will picture what I have and explain more

Sometime the leaves are attached to thicker twigs, that is very thin but thick enough to lay a area and cover with leaves - thus true jerk experiance as per the streets in the Jamica etc. these thicker twigs to can break out and have only twigs, the leaves soak and use as smoke

Thats it. Oh wet soak all for a long as possible. Chicken on top on leaves and cook

The area must be cool are ie not above coals, once cooked through - cook over coals to brown, blacken a bit etc 

This is not a how to cook jerk guide this ois only a what to do in the UK with twigs and leaves 

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Great post thank you, the second link is to what I call twigs, thats kind of what I was explaining and I use now, maybe they are a little thicker in this pack
I have seen posts and comments about this pack and its not great, everyone seems disapointed, maybe thats expetations vs the real thing and what to do with it and how to use etc etc 

Yes very expensice stuff and you end up burning it. This stuff is only from Jamica nowhere else, its all down to water and soil. Other WI countrys grow the trees, it is not the same ... Thou each island will agrue about it, stating theres is the best etc etc 

Next time I cook BBQ jerk i will do it properly and take steps pictures and things will make more sence, its a lot of work and well worth it

The first link is for cut chunks of branches to burn, smoke with, not full branches ie 12" long fat thumb sized
These size chunks are big powerful lumps, way too big to use in any of our BBQs thats catering size chunks for BIG BBQs with loads of meant cooking

Can be split or cut i guess. If you cut it same the dust, soak it and burn it its all smoke.... and its cost enough never waste any


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