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A few weeks back, TGI-Fridays opened locally.
My best mate insisted on going as he is a huge Jack Daniels fan and wanted to try their mixed JD sampler.
We went with our respective wifes.... and he was impressed with the flavours of the brisket, ribs and chicken platter.

I had the same and I was SURE he was eating something else?!?!?! Dry, tasteless, mass produced rubbish!!
So I promised him I'd do the same thing for him at our house and show him was REAL smoked JD tastes like.

The plan was, do a JD basted rack of ribs, a nice smoked brisket and some 'different' chicken.
Up till now I have only ever done a single meat at a time on the WSM 18".
Here is how it went....

Level one.... OCD?




Level two... still pretty OCD.
(Turns out this was WAY too much. I think level one organization made it burn so much slower and even, I could have just used that)



Foiled but no water...



Here is where the purists may want to stop looking. Running a Stoker II and a Maverick




I do LOVE my tech!
The Stoker II is amazing.
Oh, and only TWO things the gasser is good for. One is this, laptop stand and a waterproof area for the electrics if it rains!




Red opened to breathe.




Making @Wade's 'secret' Woodhouse Smoker BBQ Sauce.




My brisket was a small cheap bit, ready rolled.
Only four of us to feed and this whole thing is an experiment. So ..... perfect for this.


Covered in PloughBoys brisket rub. Wonderful stuff!


Semi rolled backup.
Added a couple of chunks of Hickory wood to the fire when I put it on.




The OTHER thing that the gasser BBQ is good for. Starting the coals on the side burner!








Stoker II doing it's thing. Setup so I can monitor from my iPhone or laptop remotely, via WIFI




While the Brisket was on... Rubbed the ribs with
Granulated sugar, garlic salt, celery salt, paprika, chili powder, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin & dry mustard




Making the infamous @Wade WoodhouseSmoker pit beans.




Ronnie Sunshines are ACE!




Ribs went on, added some apple juice soaked Cherry wood chips to the fire and moved the brisket to the lower grate. Stoker II monitored the Ribs, Maverick monitored the Brisket.
I only soaked the chips, because I didn't have chunks, only chips. So hopefully they lasted a little longer.




Ribs and Brisket exactly where I wanted them to be...




You can just see the Ronnie Sunshine filled with Pit Beans added to the (empty) foiled water pan, under both the brisket and Ribs.




Wrapped, then unwrapped the ribs. (Was too busy to take any pics!)

Smothered them in secret BBQ sauce, which I finished of with a double shot of Honey Jack Daniels.

I brined the chicken breasts in a sugar/salt solution for 60mins, to try and keep them moist.
Once they were on an up to temp (threw a bit of apple wood on) I basted them with this mad 7Up marinate I bought in Bass Pro in Florida, which I wanted to try.

Brisket was up to temp, so wrapped in towels and put into a cooler to rest.

Also added double foil wrapped jacket potatoes directly to the fire. They had been spiked and smothered in olive oil before wrapping.



Had to do a little bit in the kitchen, for the starter.





Scallops with Chestnut mushrooms on a white wine and Puccini reduction, finished with Thyme.



Finished product!
Suffice to say, it was a DAMN sight better than TGI Fridays crap!!!

Honestly ... the brisket was a little over, was moist but could have been better. Probably left on the smoker for 30-40 mins too long.
Chicken tasted great, nice and citrusy. But again could have been a little more succulent (even though I brined it for an hour too!)
The ribs though... man they were SUPERB!!!! Will do them exactly the same. Some of the best I have ever had. The Honey JD sweetened them and also gave them a nice kick.
Pit beans were amazing, as always. (Hats of to @Wade for the recipe)

Finish it all off with a home made Oreo Cheesecake!



Fire was lit at 10:30 AM.
This photo was taken at 10:30 PM.
Aussie Head Beads are just amazing!
(Note to self, use less!!!)



Cleaning up at 9:30 this morning (too drunk to do it last night!) and the remnants are STILL HOT! Had to remove the grate and douse them out with a spray and ashes. Utter madness!


Oh and the next person to ask "Why do you foil your water pan?" .... here is your answer.




Planning the NEXT smoke..... thinking a cold one. Side of salmon, Cheese and maybe some nuts?

Totally forgot to say, my friend said it was the best BBQ he has ever had.
I think it was partly down to me not cooking off the alcohol in the Honey Jack Daniels when I did the final baste of the ribs! ;)

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