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Just wondering what gloves you people use to handle hot food. 

I’m currently using a pair of cheap cotton gloves and nitrile gloves over them. Not the best for heat protection  when pulling pork apart and I keep puncturing them, especially with chicken bones and crackling which then let’s in hot fat/water.

For anything else they are fine.

 I have bear claws but the can’t get on with them.

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The ol’ Brew in a bag eh? 😎 Got a nice IPA going myself.

Currently dabbling in wheat beer using dme  at the moment.

 I was wondering if Marigolds would be ok as in food safe. 

Could still do with a pair of them for the fish tank.


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22 hours ago, Diggerg said:

I have a full arm length pair of these for brewing and I handle bags full of boiling hot grain. 

@Sluggy  & Diggerg... I've done all grain for years,  don't forget guys we have a brewing section... let's see some recipes/photos of foaming glasses....Beer & BBQ go together. t0311.gif 


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