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Stevie Black

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Hi all, Steve from Liverpool here.  I’m an electrical engineer trying to master smoking meat (especially ribs) in my (very modified) offset smoker.   I also  have a Weber Genesis II 310 for the simpler foods (burgers, sausages etc)

My smoking skills are currently rubbish so hoping to get some good advice (and share my mistakes) with you good people.  






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Yes, I think your right, Im going to try a cook today (weather permitting) and use a lot less fuel.   Im also going to try to use the charcoal to maintain the heat and only add small chunks of wood during the first 2 hours of cooking ( as previously Ive been chucking in big lumps of wood to maintain heat and I’m thinking these have over-smoked and rocketed the temperature momentarily, but enough to blacken the food)

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2 minutes ago, Icefever said:

Photos can be deceiving but it does look like a small firebox, it shows on the lid of the box.



Firebox is not that small and I think its about the right size for the relative cooking area.  Flames from the large wood chunks have caused the marks on the firebox

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