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Weber Smokey Mountain with Flame Boss 200


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I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5" (57cm) in January, and it was my first foray into charcoal smoking. Until then I'd only been doing pellet smoking. With advice from people in this group, as well as a few other forums, I also got the Flame Boss with wifi.

I'm very satisfied with the performance of both so far. I think the water pan has an effect on the meat, especially brisket, although I know there are a lot of varying opinions about that. I've been using the Minion method for the charcoal, and have had good success, even with an 18 hour smoke. The Flame Boss kept the temperature steady throughout.

I've only used Kingsford charcoal briquettes so far, but with some advice from the forum, am planning to try out lump charcoal as well.

Looking forward to hearing other views on using the WSM!





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The WSM is a good bullet smoker and you see many of them at the competitions. I have had some good success with them but personally I prefer the ProQ bullet smoker as the main body splits making it easier to access the meat on the bottom cooking grate. I don't have a WSM at the moment but I would be proud to add one back into my smoker collection.

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47 minutes ago, Martyn Catanach said:

I've a 22.5 ", which I too got in January (birthday), I love it, there are WSM groups on Facebook if you're interested but it's mainly in the USA. I want to put casters on the feet of mine so I can wheel it around the garden from the patio to the man cave :)


Looking at the feet on the WSM Photo, I would use Castors from Screwfix, drill the feet and bolt them through.

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Guest homer

you will find just fitting castors to the feet on the wsm will mean it flexing like mad when you try and move it about, you need to bolt on a triangle framework to it then bolt the castors through the framework and through the feet of the wsm then its rock solid and can even be moved safely while lit as long as you have used latches from the middle section to the base as this will always try and collapse in on itself with a little movement..butt clenching moment when fired up with your meat and full of water i can tell you


braked castors are a good idea too!


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