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  1. Interesting! Might be nice to add a subtle smokiness when shaved over a dessert.
  2. I've personally felt that meat done with water in the pan came out with less dried out bark. I can't imagine that the moisture of the steam doesn't have any effect on the finished meat.
  3. I agree with the vac pack and reheating in water, turns out very well, and you don't dry it out like you would in a pan or the oven. I also agree with Wade about the sauce, if the smoked meat needs sauce, then it's not done well! You want to taste the smoke and meat primarily.
  4. I usually do S&P on beef. I haven't mixed up SPOG for it, might try that and see!
  5. How do you maintain the low temps? Or do you just cold smoke in colder weather? I've been wanting to do a nova lox style salmon smoke, but everything I've read says it should be cold smoked for multiple days.
  6. No special recipe, just salt, pepper and smoke! Used a commercial run on chicken and onion rings.
  7. Since beer and BBQ go hand in hand, I vote for a Home Brew section too.
  8. I've always heard that you really want a burr grinder. I have a Kuhn Rikon vase spice grinder with replaceable canisters, but it's a hand grinder. Not sure if you're only looking for electric?
  9. Yes, and they're changing over to doing a lot of measurements by weight now as well. (At least in the books I'm buying.)
  10. Aha, I was wondering about that. I'm considering getting a Weber grate with the center hole for my WSM so I can have access to the lower grate while smoking. Right now I usually load a pan with veg and potatoes and put it under the meat. Although the longer cooking times make the potatoes almost too smoky!
  11. That's one of the reasons that I chose the WSM, there's a competition BBQ'er that only cooks on them, and has won many times!
  12. Sure, I'm on a computer most of the time, as that's my job, so I wouldn't mind. Do you have any rules about what's posted etc?
  13. I don't see how to claim it, I did join though!
  14. Right, sous vide is essentially pasteurizing the food, so it's not subject to the "danger zone" of having meat at warmer temperatures. I'm suprised to hear about the fish, I've been told scallops and shrimp in sous vide are amazing, especially for texture. That's my next dish to try.
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