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Any tips for a new kamado user?


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I ordered one of the Lidl Kamados last week, so hopefully get my hands on it soonish. Any tips on first use and general usage? Current plan is to assemble it and gently run it up to high temperature, I am aware of burping it when opening. I assume good quality lump wood charcoal is best, I have a place that makes it down the road so might have a chat with them. Initially I plan to use it direct, but will work my way up to low and slow.





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ive ordered the same so will be watching this thread for some tips as ive never used a kamado before

Im wondering if i will need my weber and proq anymore as this seems like it may be able to do it all in one

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Just now, Smokin Monkey said:

Basically it’s firing up the Kamado, say at 110’C and letting it run for a few hours. This process will burn off any residue on parts deposited during manufacturing and it also sets the adhesive on the gaskets.

Great thanks!

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8 hours ago, Toucs said:

Hello @JonC. Out of interest where is your Charcoal supplier located?  I see you're West Kent, I'm Eastbourne so potentially interested if the distance isn't too far. Many thanks.

There's a place advertising in Hadlow near Tonbridge that makes charcoal, will pop in and have a chat. Wondered about bulk discount. I have tried in before in my weber and it seemed good.

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My Biggest tip for a new Kamado user is to learn how to control the temperature in the kamado. straight grilling is not so much of an issue but if you want to do low and slow learn how open the vents need to be to control the air flow through the kamado as this then will regulate the temp. the temperature within the kamado  will change if you have a heat deflector in or not as this will change the air flow through the kamado.

Take your time getting your kamado up to temperature its easy to raise the temps but bloody difficult to get them to drop unless you have a few hours to wait. Also if you are doing low and slow light the kamado at least an hour before you are going to put the meat on so you can slowly get the temp up to where you want it then  hold it there before putting the meat on. when you put the meat on  the temp will initially drop (due to the cold meat and a lot of cold air entering) then go over your target temp (you have jut let in a large amount of air the hungry charcoal will burn through) but will come back down to your target as long as you don't touch the vents.

also don't chase the temps if the kamado settles at 275F and you wanted 225F (sorry ive been on an american site for a good while now) leave it temps are not the B all and end all you can cook equally well if a little over 

hope this helps someone who has just got their new Kamado



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