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  1. Have you considered going camping for the weekend, just check with the people running the site about BBQs, make sure they are aware that you will not damage the grass. Interestingly a farm shop near me (in Kent) has started offering a private BBQ cooking area, they have an onsite butcher, toilets, farm shops and loads of good drink.
  2. JonC


    No looks good. Wanted to fire it up this morning, just started raining
  3. Had this Aldi one delivered at 7am this morning, about an hour and a half to build including a coffee break
  4. JonC


    My one turned up at 7am today, have just finished putting it together. It arrived in a cardboard box pallet thins and is very well protected. Finish on my one is good.
  5. There's a place advertising in Hadlow near Tonbridge that makes charcoal, will pop in and have a chat. Wondered about bulk discount. I have tried in before in my weber and it seemed good.
  6. I ordered one of the Lidl Kamados last week, so hopefully get my hands on it soonish. Any tips on first use and general usage? Current plan is to assemble it and gently run it up to high temperature, I am aware of burping it when opening. I assume good quality lump wood charcoal is best, I have a place that makes it down the road so might have a chat with them. Initially I plan to use it direct, but will work my way up to low and slow. Cheers Jon
  7. JonC

    Hi from West Kent

    I shall post in there once it arrives. Might do a video of it, or just photos to show what its like.
  8. Are you going to be doing the 20% of offer again? Have just joined the forum and spotted this. Cheers
  9. JonC

    Hi from West Kent

    Just joined up after reading the thread and then ordering the Aldi Kamado, hopefully get it next week. Currently using Weber 57 with a smokenator, another set for direct heat, and a weber Q if I want to use gas. The Webers have all been picked up 2nd hand in autumn so cost bugger all. I also use a wood fired pizza, although a hand + axe incident cutting wood for it has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm. Lots of hobbies including long range shooting, photography and astronomy. Locally I am lucky to have a good butcher just down the road, they are planning to have a BBQ day at some point with somebody doing instruction on using the big green egg. Must start asking them about cuts of meat for smoking and BBQ. Cheers Jon
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