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Beginner having trouble maintaining temperature and getting thin smoke

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Hey guys. Some of you know me as the annoying new kid who won't stop asking questions, but anywaaaay... here goes.

Smoked my first thing yesterday, currently smoking a lamb shoulder as I type this. I've got a nice hot red bed of coal, with some oak hardwood on top. I can get the temperature to 250 farenheit by blowing in the smoke chamber, but as soon as I leave it alone it starts to drop rapidly. Also, I can't get it to produce a thick smoke, the two could be related. I have a feeling it's dropping due to lack of stove rope along the back of my landmann kentucky offset. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A good seal around the cooking area is essential or you will loose the heat you are putting in. 

Air flow seems to be a problem, if you are blowing on the coals (oxygen), have you got your Fire Box vent wide open? If so, I see from pictures of this model, that the Fire Box vent is mounted on a door, open this door fully, lets see if we can get some oxygen moving through this Fire Box.

We will worry about the quality of Smoke once we get a acceptable cooking Temperature.


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That looks ok to me dude,  It'll be midweek, even Friday before I can photo what I did as it's still at our old home.  I know it sounds weird but we are in the middle of moving, we still have the rented property until the middle of April.  There's still all the rest of our bbq kit along with a shed full of stuff to move over here, which I hope to make a start midweek with the aid of a trailer...as soon as I can I'll send you whatever photos I take.



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