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Tandoori Poussin


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Hey up guys,

Lit the old Tandoor and put a couple of Poussin in!


First marinade - lemon juice, salt and Kashmiri powder.ED2F80A4-0837-4C20-8311-0A3FF29E6B6C.thumb.jpeg.b14de1a1122e6dd1ba7916a1e51000b4.jpeg

After 1 hour put into Tandoori marinade.



Cooked on a low fire of Alderwood Charcoal.



Wife decided to make Naan. (i was listening to NailBomb). but pleasant surprise.


Sweet result.












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2 hours ago, David said:

It took a long time to master. I have no hairs on my right arm!

I go to India every year and the owner of the Shack I go to everyday is also a Chef, and he says he can do everything, except cook Nan Breads. That’s why the Tandoor Chef gets paid more than a regular Chef!

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6 hours ago, Simon said:

What tandoor do you use and what marinade did you use?

The Tandoor brand is ‘Puri’. 

The second marinade included yoghurt, ginger paste, garlic paste, Turmeric, chilli powder, Garam masala.

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