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Too salty


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Over salted the trout! Partially due I think to the fillets being much thinner than my usual salmon. Is there a reliable way of correcting this? I have sliced the trout and have spread it out on a cake cooling grill, put this in my usual dish, filled with cold tap water and will leave soaking for a couple of hours. I am hoping that like salt cod it may leach out some of the salt. Won’t be top of the range but might be ok for risotto.....I hope! Any tried and tested ways or is it the bin!

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For small (thin fillet) trout limit the salt curing to 3-4 hours. I have just cured some medium thickness trout and it was cured for ~7 hours before smoking


When you are curing the fish it is important to realise that you are removing the water to prevent bacterial growth. If you then soak it to dissolve out some of the salt you will be putting water back. If it is too salty I suggest that you freeze the trout and use it for cooking (e.g. fish pie or paella)

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