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Lamb on a Kadai


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Evening all

Anyone seen or done this. looks amazing and although Kadai's cost the same or there abouts of a GBS its tempting to buy one. Thinking of cooking over wood this summer.

Anyone use Kadai's


Cheers, Rees

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35 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

This is done by Marcus who is associated with this Forum.

I have got something similar in mind but using a totally different peice of kit. Waiting the delivery of the cooking tripod.

Pray tell Smokin Monkey. is it a mainstream item or a bespoke jobby?

I've thought of getting the guys in our workshops to weld me some similar type of rods together, or actually buying the Kadai ones and going for it on the 52" weber.

After all the Kadai tripods are 10mm bar or so with a split in the end to fit over the edge of the fire bowl. Shouldnt think the 600mm Kadai tripod would be too far out for use on a weber 52"?

How do the Kadai's fair in windy weather James?

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If you’re going to cook lamb like Marcus, you’ll want a still day or have the kadai sheltered, standard grilling would be fine, just like a Weber at a lower level. 


The tripods are pretty good, once they’ve got a hold on the bowl it takes some pulling to release them! Although as I’ve found with a couple of display models, because you may have to bend the Teeth to get them to fit the bowl! 

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This is the tripod with extension that I bought for

when we're camping, I think it was from Amazon but it was a few years ago so not 100% sure, we just set up windbreaks if it's a bit breezy. I have also use it at home for cooking lamb at Easter, turned out great, although I have now switched to using a rotisserie over a wood fire, as the meat is constantly turning it's self basting so comes out juicy every time.


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