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  1. Teri

    Smoking in Somerset

    It's oiled so can stand up to a bit of rain whilst smoking, but it's on castors so just wheel it into the shed when not in use.
  2. Teri


    I now have a little helper, my grand daughter Evie loves my beech smoked mature Welsh cheddar. She didn't sit watching it for the whole 8 hours though.
  3. Planning a cowboy theme for this Christmas with hot smoked fish starter, probably salmon as I already have some in the freezer, hot smoked rib beef and there will of course be smoked cheese on the cheese board, and as I've got my son a Lodge dutch oven for his Christmas present will see if I can talk him into using to bake the cornbread over the fire pit.
  4. Teri

    Lamb on a Kadai

    This is the tripod with extension that I bought for when we're camping, I think it was from Amazon but it was a few years ago so not 100% sure, we just set up windbreaks if it's a bit breezy. I have also use it at home for cooking lamb at Easter, turned out great, although I have now switched to using a rotisserie over a wood fire, as the meat is constantly turning it's self basting so comes out juicy every time.
  5. Teri

    Smoking in Somerset

    Yes 3 mm ply to keep the weight down and the frame was left over timber from building a duck run. And yes smoked duck eggs are really good.
  6. Teri


  7. Teri

    Smoking in Somerset

    The plans were pretty simple. 100 cm high at the back to allow four racks, 105 cm at the front where there is an adjustable vent at the top of the door and two rows of holes along the bottom to allow air in. The other dimensions were dictated by the size of the racks, I actually used two 40 cm X 26 cm wire racks on each level so that I can easily add or remove fish fillets throughout the day. Using a Pro Q smoke generator I have smoked up to 15 kg of fish in a day. Castors and rope handles make it easy to move and as I had some perspex kicking about thought it would be fun to be able to watch the food colour up. It's quite nice sitting on the patio with a bottle of wine watching something yummy turning golden.
  8. Hello all, I'm in Somerset and nuts about everything smoky, after tasting amazing smoked haddock on the isle of Mull five years ago I decided I had to build myself a cold smoker and started smoking as my son put it "anything that doesn't move fast enough". I also have four BBQ's and a rotisserie firepit, but my partner thought that wasn't enough so he bought me a hot smoker for my birthday 😊
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