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Duck breast

Dick Bee

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I followed a recipe for cold smoked duck breast a coup!e of weeks ago, which called for 3hrs brining. Basically we had very expensive and salty bacon for dinner. Mrs B didn't finish hers. We cou!d'nt even give it to the dog with that much salt! I'm going to cold smoke a couple more today with no brining at all, intending to cook it straight away. Does that sound reasonable?

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1 hour ago, Smokin Monkey said:

I Know @Wade is doing some Duck Breast trials at the moment.

That's interesting. If mine's not too good today I'll play around with brines and brining and smoking times myself. I've got mine in at the moment, I'm going for three hours with hickory dust in the ProQ maze.

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Thanks Smokin Monkey. Wade's brine mix was 6litres water and 316 grams of salt, (plus sugar and nitrite). The recipe I followed called for 1.5 litres water and 400gms salt! Little wonder the result was salty then! 

Wade's of course was hot smoked, and I'm cold smoking mine with the intention of pan frying it. I'll try it later, too late to brine now. For the future though I'll try Wade's brine for sure.

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